lamp-repair-dallasWe offer onsite, expert repair, restoration, and rewiring of all types of lamps, sconces and chandeliers.

Repair:    Our in-house team replaces broken or missing parts, hand paints, and repairs wiring on table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and chandeliers, both new and antique.

Restoration:     Whatever the job entails we can restore your cherished lamp and/or shade to preserve value and enhance it’s beauty. Services include surface restoration of metal, wood, porcelain and ceramic. Antiques are our passion, and we invest time and attention to restore each piece to respect its original artisan workmanship. We are also experts at restoring even the most intricate of chandeliers, new or antique.

Rewiring:    Whether your lamp’s wiring is completely non-working and needs to be replaced, or you’d just like to update the look and function with a designer “fashion” cord, or dimmer, we will rewire to your exact, custom specifications. We can also turn a vase, statue, or any other treasured piece into a functional source of lighting for everyday use. The integrity of antique lighting is maintained with the use of new electric components retrofitted in our workroom to fit old fixtures. Our goal is to present the most historically accurate look with the priority of electrical safety.